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Community Darkrooms memberships are available by semester or year for students, SU card holders, and the general public. A Semester Membership includes access to facilities, including the digital lab, black-and-white lab, and studio workspace.

Membership Policy

Members of Light Work/Community Darkrooms are expected to conduct themselves in a manner supportive of the educational mission of the institution and follow the code of student conduct as stated in the Syracuse University Student Handbook.

Membership fee is non-refundable, and members are responsible for the equipment they use. LW/CD functions as a non-profit organization. The production of commercial work must first be approved by LW/CD Management. The misuse or damage of equipment, the storage of hazardous materials, and the production of non-approved commercial work will result in the immediate loss of LW/CD privileges.

SU Undergraduates

Semester: $44.00

Year: $88.00


SU ID card holders/Graduate Students

Semester: $85.00

Year: $170.00


General Public

Semester: $140.00

Year: $280.00


Seniors (over 65)

Semester: $33.00

Year: $66.00


High School Students

Semester: $33.00

Year: $66.00

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